Hi, my name is Arthur Gradim Givigir
I'm iOS Developer.
(And sometimes Android Developer... And others Flutter Developer... 😄)

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Hey there! I'm a developer focused on iOS (Swift/Objective-C), but I also like to explore the realms of Android (Kotlin/Java) and Flutter. I'm known for being adaptable, humorous, and dynamic. I enjoy diving into new challenges and always strive for perfection in everything I do. I'm dedicated to my work and love collaborating with others. I have excellent interpersonal skills, which allow me to work well in teams. If you're looking for someone to create amazing apps for iOS or Android, I'm here to help! Let's embark on an awesome development journey together.

In addition to mobile development, I have passions that keep me inspired. In my leisure time, I love diving into the world of entertainment. I'm a cinephile, a fan of movies and series that transport me to different universes. I'm also an enthusiastic gamer, spending hours playing on my Nintendo Switch and PS5. Moreover, I love comics, especially Marvel, but it's impossible not to enjoy the stories of DC as well.

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Cegonha Adiantada

Introducing the "Cegonha Adiantada" app - The essential tool for doctors and healthcare professionals to track the development of newborns. Easily calculate the days and weeks since the baby's birth with just a few taps. Save your calculations and have quick access to important information. Additionally, enjoy the convenient widget for a quick overview of newborn data on your device's home screen. Download now and simplify the monitoring of baby development!

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Do you want to stay updated on the dollar exchange rate (and soon, other currencies!) while having fun and having a good laugh? Zooin is the perfect app for that! With funny quotes that are updated based on the currency's rise or fall, in real-time, and an amazing widget that you can add to your home screen.

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